Museum Information

Juan Álvarez N° 1039
Col. Barr. La Capilla de Jesús
C.P. 44500, Guadalajara Jalisco.
Tel: (01-33) 3825-2836

Hours of operation: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am – 1 pm , 4 pm – 6 pm

With deep joy and gratitude to God, the Congregation of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe, has completed a project that for several years excited many sisters. They on several occasions expressed their desire to acquire the house that belonged to the family of our Founder Mother, the Servant of God Maria Amada and in which she lived at various times during the religious persecution, period in which she founded our religious family. This home, located on Calle Juan Alvarez 1039, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, has been rebuilt and restored, keeping its original style, and it is a work of past mid-century. It is a community of sisters whose main mission is to keep alive the spirit of the Congregation: love and reparation through prayer, fraternal charity, and apostolic service in the parish to which they belong (Parish of Jesus).

At the center of this community is the oratory where the Blessed Sacrament is permanently present; the merciful Heart is a fountain of life, peace, joy and true love for all who come to Him. In this house, of particular historical value to the Congregation, there is a small museum in honor of the Servant of God Mother Maria Amada del Niño Jesus, consisting of three rooms that show through images, text and personal items, the family life, the vocation, the founding charisma, and apostolic work of the Mother. The purpose of this exposition is to show the people of God the life and work of the Servant of God Maria Amada , so her example will encourage visitors to live the way of the Gospel and engage in building the Kingdom of God.

We thank former General Government chaired by R. M. Maria del Carmen Barraza Nevarez, who responded to one of the decisions of the General Chapter held in 2005 with tenacity and enthusiasm undertaking this work in which significant breakthroughs were achieved.

We also thank our current Superior General, R. M. Virginia Morfin Figueroa and her Council to continue this project until see its successful opening on September 9th 2012. We also express our appreciation and gratitude to the architect Eduardo Cortés, who led with mystical and professionalism the old house renovation and construction of the new section where the sisters live. And also to museographer Agustín Torres, who did and excellent teamwork with his children to carry out the beautiful Maria Amada Museum project.

Finally, we know that without the acceptance and pastoral welcoming of his Excellency Archbishop of Guadalajara D. Jose Francisco Robles, the community presence and the Maria Amada Museum would not be possible, so a very in a special way we express our deep gratitude and offer our daughterly prayers.
We extend a cordial invitation to all our readers to visit the Maria Amada Museum and meet the woman whom with an authentic christian discipleship, knew how to effectively respond to the needs of the poorest of her time. We wait you with open arms! "So the Heart of Jesus Reigns."

Prayer for the Canonization

Heavenly Father, you who delights in decorating your saints and chosen ones with the virtues of your Divine Son, and who wanted to scorch your daughter Maria Amada with the Fire of Love of His Hearth, and the ardent zeal to extend His Kingdom which was manifested trough her love for the poor and the homeless; we ask for the grace to imitate her example for your greater glory and the good of the Church, that she will be raised to the honor of the altars. We ask this for Saint Mary of Guadalupe, and the merits of Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for her Intercession

Merciful Father, you have chosen your daughter Maria Amada, whom burned in the love of Jesus Christ, your Son, and full of zeal for the extension of the Kingdom of Love from his Heart, who will throughout her life care for those who suffer, especially for the poor and homeless. We ask You through her intercession, grant us the grace that we ask in faith ... (make your request). We thank you for all the gifts that you have granted us and those which you want to give us through him. Listen compassionately to our prayers and let us know your will, for Our Lady of Guadalupe and the merits of Christ our Lord. Amen. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You!